Know About Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects a huge number of people. Almost 5,000 new cases emerge every day in the U. S. alone. When a person doesn’t produce enough insulin or his cells are insulin immune, diabetes appears. As a result, the cells won’t get glucose so they won’t be able to produce energy and a big quantity of sugar will end up in the bloodstream causing the blood to thicken.

In the U. S., more than 20 million people have diabetes, that’s around 7 percent. Almost every young person has a 33 percent chance to develop diabetes. But, with the right way of living, the chances of the risk of developing diabetes decrease dramatically. A person that doesn’t drink, smoke, keeps exercising and who eats healthy food, is very likely to not

develop diabetes even if it runs through his genes. A diabetic can also control his illness by having a healthy lifestyle and following the advice of his physicians.

There are some main factors that increase the risks of developing diabetes. When a person ages beyond 45 years his risk chances increase. Overweight, a high cholesterol level and lack of exercise contribute very much to the risks. If in your family you have some cases of diabetes there are pretty big chances you`ll develop it too if you don’t follow a healthy life.

Excessive urination is a very common symptom of diabetes. This excessive urination provokes excessive thirst and hunger because of the loss of fluids. If you notice that you have wounds that never heal or take too long to heal then you might already have diabetes. Blurriness is caused by the damage caused to the small blood vessels in the eyes. Fatigue is another common symptom. It appears because the cells don’t get enough sugar, so they aren’t able to produce energy. This symptom may be undetected for years when it’s already too late to prevent diabetes. If you think you have one of these symptoms you should go see a doctor as soon as possible.

Diabetes is easy to diagnose by having a regular blood test. If the sugar level is very big then you probably have diabetes. A regular blood test is mandatory if you have found yourself in any of the risk situation stated above.


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