5 Best Places To Get A Thai Massage In Bangkok To Relax Your Body And Mind

Thai Massage in Bangkok
Thai Massage in Bangkok

5 Best Places To Get A Thai Massage In Bangkok

Bangkok is popular for its Thai massage centers. Many travelers from around the world come down to this city every year just to experience Thai massage in Bangkok.

1.Local Shops

The street of Bangkok is full of massage centers and shops. You would find a local massage center in every turn and many of them call out to you and invite you to win customers. The most common and widely spread name is 7-Elevens. Massage shop which is popular and easily accessible places for Thai massage in Bangkok. These shops are generally built on different floors with the first floor allocated for foot massages, with seating facilities for the customers. The upper floors have mattresses that are separated by curtains for full body. If you come here for a Thai massage, you would be provided with a dress to change into. The massage involves stretching and folding of your body parts. This will help release all the stress and will help you relax. You can ask for some recommendations from the locals or your hotel reception to pick the ideal massage shop. The people at these massage shops speak basic English. The average costs 200-300 baht for 1 hour’s Thai massage and the exact costs are usually put up outside the stores.

2.Asia Herb Association

Asia Herb Association is a good choice for a more professional Thai massage experience. They have branches at 3 different locations in Bangkok city. They basically conduct treatments and you can opt for oil massages, scrubs and Thai herbal ball treatment too. To get your massage done from here will require you to get a prior appointment. The best part of experiencing, here is that you can request the therapist to focus on certain parts of the body by mentioning it on the tick-sheet which you would be given in the beginning. Asia Herb Association has private rooms. The receptionist and most staff speak English and the cost of the Thai massage would be around 400 baht for 60 minutes.

3.Wat Pho Traditional

Wat Pho Traditional is the spiritual and traditional home of Thai massage in Bangkok. This is where you can not just get your massage done but can also get trained and develop skills in Thai massage therapy. The air-conditioned rooms of the center create a relaxing atmosphere. The rooms also feature floor to ceiling windows that offer amazing views in the evening. Wat Pho Traditional is located inside the ancient temple of Wat Pho. It is recommended that you get your Thai massage in Bangkok done before exploring the temple as it may get crowded after midday. The traditional Thai massage at Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage would cost around 420 baht for an hour’s session. And if you really want to get trained in this therapy, you can enroll in the 30-day professional therapy course.

4.Health Land Centre

Health Land is one of the most popular centers in Bangkok and even locals recommend this place. They have well-equipped rooms and high-quality services. It would cost you just 500 baht for a great 2-hour. You can also enjoy beauty treatments including foot reflexology, body polish, and facials or other treatments like spa Jacuzzi or tourmaline sauna. The high quality of services makes this one of the busiest in Bangkok so make sure you book a prior appointment.

5.The Blind

People who lack eye-sight often fantastic in other sensing skills. It is said that blind masseurs are better aware of your body and can provide really good treatment. The Foundation for the Employment of the Blind in Bangkok has put up some shops for the blind masseurs to put their skills into service and become financially independent. The shop located in the building on Chan Kao Road is not just a good experience but also a great value for money. A 1-hour session would cost you only 200 baht. The shop timings are from 9 am to 8 pm.


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